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My Heart Still Beats


I am in Longview. I got here yesterday evening after my doctor appointment. I got my heart results. The good news, my heart is healthy, the correct size, the valves are open, and I am pumping correctly. The heart rate going up while I am walking around is due to my disease, not because of my heart. My heart is strong and is working with what she has to work with. I had a choice to make, take a medication that will reduce my heart rate or just deal with it and find ways to build up my endurance and strength. I asked Dr. Banitt what he would do if he were in my shoes and he said that he would find ways to build up my endurance and strength and just learn to live with it. Guess what I chose, yep, that is correct I am choosing to live with it and now my quest is to find ways to build up my heart muscle. I am praying for a personal trainer that is willing to work with someone in my condition and who is not aggressive and will motivate and not belittle me. I have a tall order, don’t I?

I know some personal trainers and the ones I know are in great shape, but they intimidate me. I know that is my issue and not theirs.

Today is filled with meetings and then tomorrow I will get to see two of my sisters for some bonding time. I am looking forward to it. This week is chalked full of something to do daily, which wears me out. Thankfully I have supportive people who understand my needs of moving slow. Oh last night I got to watch “Brave “finally. I loved it.
Enjoy your day!

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