I love how God works in my life. Yesterday morning while awaiting the arrival of my care-giver I went down to the recreational room of my apartment building to use the Wi-Fi and I met a lady who has Macular degeneration an eye disease that only allows a person to see with their peripheral vision. I know about this, because my mom has RP which means she can see in the center but can’t see in her peripheral at all, the exact opposite of Macular. What struck me about my neighbor is her determination and will to have a productive life. She is training to become a piano tuner. That is her passion.

When I allow myself to get out of my comfort zone of my apartment and go out to meet and talk to people I get inspired. I love positive people who despite their challenges go ahead and live life anyway. I want to be that kind of person. Who lives life anyway and keeps on pursuing her dreams even with the challenges of life, dusting off my boots and keeps on walking wherever my path leads me and do it with a good attitude.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping stocking up my fridge with good nutritious foods to help my body in the healing process. I am enjoying living a quiet life, with no toxic people in my life. I did have a challenge last night, I ate pizza from Papa Murphy’s and a few hours later I had another episode with my stomach. My stomach ached just under and in the middle of my breasts and I threw up three times. I hate that, obviously my body is telling me that I cannot handle the food I just indigested. This is the third episode this week and it isn’t just when I eat certain foods either. That has to change, so I am calling my primary doctor and seeing if it is my gallbladder instead of my stomach. Last April I had an endoscopy done and my stomach looked fine, even though I had a pool of inflammation at the beginning of my stomach. Another challenge I must face another thing I have to be mindful about. I will face this challenge head on and not wait.

Yes, I still love how God inspires me even if some of the inspiration is a bit painful than others.
In what ways does God inspire you?

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