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Happy New Year!

I took a break from blogging on the last day of the year. I wanted to spend time with my longtime friend whose birthday it was. We first celebrated by driving in the snow to Ridgefield, Washington to Myrtle’s Tea House. What a beautiful service they provide and atmosphere. Any lady who loves tea parties with fancy cups and saucers and tea pots would love this place. I enjoyed my last day of the year celebration with two action movies, amazing friends, and great food.

Reflecting on my year, I have come far. I now know that I will be diving deeper into my recovery. My physical health is vital to me. I am weak right now. The weakest I have ever been in my life and to be stronger means taking baby steps into what it looks like to be healthy for me.

I am asking God for many miracles this year.
Miracle one: I would love to get rid of the trach. I hate it. No, I loathe it. It annoys me. I hate having things around my neck and this is a constant reminder that I can’t breathe. I look hideous to me. Yet, I love that with it there is not fear of having another Larnyspasms during a dilation surgery or any surgery that I may need this year. Getting rid of the trach would mean that my inflammation is under control and the dilation surgeries are not needed anymore.

Miracle two: getting physical. Going for a walk outside, going to the YMCA to swim, in which I am looking into getting a scholarship so that I can go and I know this will help me tremendously.

Miracle three: move back to my home town of Longview so that I can start working with my friends for Living Ministries and other things I want to get done.

That is all I would like for this year. Just three amazing things that I just asked for would be all it would take to make me happy.

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