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Pearanormal Activity


One of the things I do not like about being in the hospital is when my skin gets dry. The lotion they give you just seems to make my skin even drier. I asked my sister Carri to buy me some lotion to use while I am in the hospital before she came up for our visit before heading home to Longview. She stopped at Wahlgreen’s and picked me up Gud natural body lotion called “Pearanormal activity”. I love the smell of the lotion and the fact that I could smell it through my trach was simply amazing to me. Having something yummy to smell and then put on my skin while sitting hooked up to IV’s and having someone come in to take your Vidal’s a lot made me feel like I was a princess. The first application made my skin feel smooth and silky. All the nurses, male and female loved the smell and made comments about how awesome the smell was. This is a great product. I would never have had the chance to try it if it hadn’t been for my sister and her amazing ability to pick out awesome products. Thank you Carri for getting me the lotion, my skin feels so much better.

Thank you Gud for making an amazing product and I see that you have some other amazing products to try out. I would definitely check them out if I were you. Especially if you are going to be staying in the hospital for a while, the lotion they give you leaves my skin feel even dryer after I apply theirs on. And this didn’t. I have no idea why the air in the hospital is dryer than normal air or for what purpose, but it is even my trach noticed the difference. I had to change it more often than I do at home.

I am still enjoying being home with my Nicholas. What is your favorite thing about your home? For me it is my sweet cat Nicholas.

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