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My Reasons

I woke up this morning with a question roaming in my mind. I knew the question was from God. He often times does that to me, gives me a question that I need to answer so that I know why I am choosing to walk this journey I am on.
The question you might be asking yourself is this: Why do I want to lose weight, exercise, and take care of my body?

I came up with six different reasons, yes, only six reasons that I want to lose weight, exercise, and take care of my body.

Reason 1: I know that it will help me manage my auto-immune disease and diabetes.

Reason 2: when my inflammation is under control and managed I will have more energy to do things I won’t have as many flare ups with my stomach, arms, throat, and legs.

Reason 3: With not so many flare ups of inflammation in my throat my throat could heal so that I do not have to have so many surgeries. Then I could get rid of this trach.

Reason 4: I won’t look or feel like a swollen whale in my face and body.

Reason 5: I can stop taking Prednisone and needing the Rituximab chemo treatments.

Reason 6: I want to take loving and nurturing care of my body.

Now that I know why I want to do this life-style change I am ready for the first step. No matter what type of journey is started it always begins with first making a decision and then taking the first step to begin. In my mind I have proven to myself that once I make up my mind I can follow through and now the time has shown up for me to go even further on my journey of health and healing. I am not exactly sure where it is going to lead me. I may not get rid of the trach, but at least I am getting use to have the sucker in and taking care of it. I know I can take care of it and I can even face my uneasiness concerning having to wear it. I am a capable, strong woman. God made me ferocious, independent, organized, intelligent, tenacious, determined, and stubborn. I am taking all these qualities with me as I begin my next leg of the journey.

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