Yesterday I spent the entire day relaxing in order for my body to heal. I also took a water pill and been peeing a lot in order to get the water retention gone from my body. I see the evidence in my right foot and I hate seeing my foot swollen. It is ugly. I retain water every time I am in the hospital and I have to take a water pill in order to pee it out. I am thankful for the water pill.


In the mail, I received my lab test results that my primary physician took on Friday before the whole gallbladder surgery incident happened on Monday night. My blood sugars are still awesome. The average blood sugar for me is 109 DL and my anemia which I have been combating since I was a teenager is gradually improving. I have been eating a lot of spinach and big leafy greens to help me with my anemia and it is working. Every so often I am blessed with good health news and it makes me believe that the fight is worth it. Keeping my body in balance is a job and now that I have my inflamed gallbladder removed I believe I will get my body even in more balance so that I can do all the wonderful things I want to do and what my assignment is. I have all the support and things I need in order to achieve my aspirations.


I found a product on Thursday when I went grocery shopping at Winco. It is by Dasani and it is called “Flavor Enhanced Drops”. I put one drop in my one liter bottle I use for my water consumption and it makes it taste like flavored water, but without all the chemicals in it. There is no sugar, no salt, no fat, and only has natural things in it like acid from the fruit it is used from. I chose pineapple/coconut as my flavor. Yummy! I am enjoying it. Better for me than the soda and I am working on not drinking so much soda for the sugar and all the chemicals in it even if it helps me with cleaning out my pipes, meaning my throats mucus issues. Sometimes I find great products that will aide me with my health quest and this is one of those products. I will be using these more and I will be trying other flavors out. Anyone who has issues with drinking water should try these. Better for you than those vitamin waters or even those flavored waters and you will actually get more water than the actual flavoring. Drinking 3 liters of water a day is my goal and I know these drops will help me to achieve this goal a lot more often. When you try these I would be interesting in what you think of them, please share.


Friday, when I was released from the hospital I took home a small pillow that they put under my head during my gallbladder surgery. Before you accuse me of stealing this pillow they throw them away after the patient uses them and I asked my RN if I could have the pillow. She said yes I could and I used it while in the hospital and now at home.

I am using it to keep my belly up while I am healing. My muscles are burning as they are healing up and reconnecting with each other. I have experience this before with my vents in my chest and so I know this will be a long process. This pillow helps me to sleep on my side so I can get marvelous sleep. Lately, since taking the Trazodone pill I have been getting between 8 to 10 hours a sleep a night. For almost four years I have only been getting between 2 to 4 depending on what my trach and throat is doing. Being able to sleep for a long period of time is something I am enjoying. I don’t know how to explain the thrill I feel from sleeping, but it is a wonderful feeling waking up 8 hours later and feeling rested. Sleep is so healing. It helps with moods, eating, and even with losing weight. I am relishing my sleep.

Small steady progress is being made with my health. It doesn’t look like a lot from an outsider’s point of view, but to me it is like a football yard length in improvement. Any small improvement I will cherish and count as a blessing. I am worth fighting for.

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