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The Power OF A Woman Who Leads: A Review


The Power of a Woman Who Leads: Gail M. Hayes

I enjoy reading books that elaborate on a person’s strengths and gives them ideas and tools to help strengthen them. This book does that.

I found out, which I half suspected that I am a collaborative leader like Priscilla in the Bible and Madame Currie. Both amazing women and I am glad to know that I am in some part a lot like them. The motto I live by is no relationship-no mission according to Hayes. I have to agree with her.

To me it seems impossible to accomplish anything without team work, so this sentiment nailed me perfectly. Yes, one of my flaws is absorbing negative energy and not allowing myself space from those who are negative. I am learning to put space and take care of me when dealing with negative conflict. It is a challenge, because I want to jump right in and save the relationship more than anything and that is not something I can always accomplish.
There is a lot of helpful information about all the different leadership styles and how to use that power and handle the negative aspects of each style. Good information, helpful information that will aide anyone wanting to improve their communication and opportunities to lead others into getting a project done, even if it is amidst family members. Well worth the time to read and evaluate yourself.

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  1. Gail Hayes says:

    Jamie…thank you so much for this wonderful review! May God bless you mightily for taking the time to read the book and sharing your insights with others. Always remember…there is nothing like the power of a woman who leads!

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