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Hungry: A Review


“Hungry” Dr. Robyn L. Smith

What I learned from reading this book is nothing new for me, but a reminder of what I have learned on my own journey with my disease. Her disease is different than mine, but we shared the shame unmasking of what was projected upon us from the many different social facades that are out there. She learned to heed to her voice, as I am learning to use mine.
Robyn’s Eight Qualities To A Full Life:
1. Wakefulness: Not being in automatic pilot when living life, but being mindful of what you are doing at all times.
2. Courage: not letting fear get in the way of honoring your own hunger our own voice.
3. Hope: Hoping is nurturing you.
4. Stillness: take the time to breathe and let be.
5. Resilience: getting up when you get knocked down
6. Trust: listening to the voice of God in you.
7. Spirit: doing things to connect and honor God in your life.
8. Wisdom: Knowing deeply not just data or information, just knowing what the soul delights and sorrows in.
Well worth the read, even though it was a review for me. I enjoyed her insight, her telling of her story, and her willingness to share her voice with the world. She is a courageous woman. I admire that. If you get a chance read it and get reacquainted with the part of your soul that is connected to God and gives you the strength to use your voice and to love your hunger.

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