Tea Anyone?


Before you start reading I would like you to grab a cup of tea or coffee get comfortable and then read on. Saturday February 23rd I had the pleasure of going to Myrtle’s Tea House in Ridgefield Washington for an Angel Wings Ministries fundraiser. What an experience, great food, great service, and of course amazing tea. I love it.


While sitting at the round table of the tea party I saw some relational things that caused my heart to weep with joy, love, and a sense of gratitude for every single person that came to support Debra and her fur babies. I love watching Lynn, her mother, and her daughters interact together. You could feel the deep love and respect that they had for each other.



I saw my friend Summer and her partner in crime Karen interact with love and deep respect for each other.


My friend Linda and the ladies behind me interacting enjoying the food, atmosphere, and the entertainment of Tim Miller. Relationship was the theme; you could feel it in the air.


Everyone enjoyed each other’s company, the food, the tea, and even the joyfulness of the two little boys dancing while Tim entertained them with the barking dog and stomping elephant on his electric piano.



While Debra danced with her grandchildren Noah and Troy you could see the adoration in Noah’s eyes for his grandma as they twirled around the floor.

I am exhausted, but the exhaustion leaves me with a happy heart as I remember the event and the support that Debra and Angel Wing’s Ministries received today. If you can donate and offer up some help that would be a huge blessing for Debra and her critters. I will share that one of Debra’s rescues Rainbow, whose story touches my heart, is still at the vets. He is 5 months old. He is allergic to the anesthesia that they tried to administer to him and he suffered some devastating effects from it. It will take him months to recover. If you can help or even offer up some prayers for him and Debra that would be so appreciated. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Jamie Chases Butterflies says:

    Beautiful Jamie! Thank you. In case you didn’t learn, Rainbow went to live with Jesus in the night. His little heart just couldn’t keep going. Please keep Debra in your prayers.

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