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Getting My Butt Back Into The Groove


Happy Friday!

Yesterday I went and saw a Pulmonologist about getting me into pulmonary rehabilitation. Dr. Coates said that this type of rehabilitation is for people who suffer from COPD, which I do not have, thank you God. My lungs are healthy, but the airway that gets the air into the lungs is another story. My subglottic stenosis causes my throat to constrict and therefore air does not make it to my lungs. Even so, she feels that I am a unique case and pulmonary rehab will aide me on my lofty goals for health. My heart leapt for joy when I heard her say this. I am excited. For way too long I have been stuck in a perpetual whirlwind of not being able to exercise like I see those in the world. I crave moving. I especially want to get back into swimming aerobics and just walking outside in nature. Nature feeds my soul. Movement makes me feel alive and kicking.

Pulmonary rehab will be showing me how to breathe and move at a pace that will make my heart work, but not work too hard. I need this, since walking for me now causes my heart rate to go up to 179 beats, way pass aerobic for a healthy adult woman. This will benefit me. Hopefully by March I will be going to rehab twice a week for two months and then I can start exploring other options and even possibly find me a personal trainer that will be willing to work with me to pursue my exercise goals. One of the things pulmonary rehab will do is keep track of my oxygen levels while I am moving, personal trainers do not do that and so I will need to find a unique individual for the unique me. I have faith that such a person does exist.

Right now I am waiting for the referral to go through at Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Legacy Salmon Creek and then I can start getting my body moving and grooving to a new beat. Since I don’t have the classic symptoms my insurance might not cover it, but the doctor said she would do everything within her power to have them cover it for me because even though I am a unique case my body needs the movement. For way too long I have been sedentary. I hate it. Sitting on my butt is not something I want to do. I want to live and move and breathe. I used to go for hikes up in the Olympic Peninsula, remember that Amber and to Multnomah Falls, the beach, and other amazing trails that I explored with my adventurous friend. I know there are some amazing bike paths and walking paths in the Vancouver area that I want to explore and now I have some hope that I will get to do that. Progress is being made. Even small steps even if they don’t seem like I am moving forward helps me move forward on my healing journey. This brings my heart joy.
I am making a joyful noise now.

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  1. This is wonderful Jamie!

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