Life Is Good!

001Just a quick update on my getaway to my hometown of Longview, I am enjoying my time here. Karen is a riot. She makes me laugh and she is an amazing woman with a huge heart. Summer is a hard worker and a fabulous cook. Even though there have been some crazy moments not between me and these lovely ladies, but from the dynamics of my birth family. I am learning to be flexible and not think too hard about it. I am not capable at this time to deal with negative feelings and emotions that steam from abuses from the past that have nothing to do with my own choices. Letting go is a challenge because I want to fix it and have everyone love and respect each other even if it isn’t a reality right now. That is my dream. Martin Luther King has a dream and so do I.  Another important step and leg of my healing journey, on a positive note I am now officially the secretary of Living Ministries. I get to come to Longview once a month for the meetings and hang out with family and friends. I also will be moving back here where I fit in and I cannot be so isolated. Life is good even though there are bad patches things are still moving forward in a positive way just not in the way that I expect. The best part is showing laughs with people who inspire and support me even when I have crazy moments. I love that.

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