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Limits Are On In The Mind!

Never affirm or repeat about your health what you do not wish to be true. Ralph Waldo Trine

I sometimes get so aggravated by comments or thoughts from people. The question isn’t it limiting or it would be limiting to somehow set me off on a rampage of wanting to scream at the top of my lungs. “Don’t you realize that is a big lie we tell ourselves?” “If I thought like that I wouldn’t be able to move forward” and other rude responses instead I respond with love and grace to them, but I am still irritated.
I am trying not to discount that having changes in your body is a fearful thing. It is scary. I don’t like it, I hate it, but why am I going to allow the potential monster in my head to fester and cause me to give up and say it is too limiting so why bother. I have learned in these last 4 years of fighting an unnamed disease that yes there are things I have to change about how I live my life and yes it is scary, but I have tools that help me to fight on. Living with a trach has especially taught me this lesson, but what I have discovered is that even thought I spit like a llama I can still have a life. I can still laugh with my friends. I can still breathe. I can still do small amounts of respite care, which I love to do. I can still do my voluntary work with Living Ministries and be a good manager. I enjoy helping families learn to bond and be a family. I enjoy helping people period. Relationship is important to me. Without me going through all the painful surgeries, trach care, working with a caregiver, and writing I have been doing I wouldn’t have known that aspect of myself.
As with my gallbladder, yes, I will have to modify the amount of fat I can consume, but hey if truth be known we are not supposed to be consuming as much fat, meat, sugar, and white refined foods as we have been. Our bodies are not able to handle the large quantity we consume and that is why illnesses are all around us. It is vitally important that we all take responsibility for what we eat and how we think about our bodies. Our bodies were created to heal ourselves, but when we consume too much sugar, meat, refined processed foods our bodies go into the flight mode and when we go into flight mode guess what happens healing is not the first thing our bodies will do. Flight mode is a mechanism our brains uses when a scary situation happens and that is a way for us to handle the situation and have a proper response. When we trigger it when we are not truly in danger then that damages our bodies and causes the hormones to run free in our body and cause more damage. I have to admit that I ate a lot of fat, salty things, especially when I was a 24 hours 7 days a week caregiver and then when I was in a trauma filled relationship. My body was not able to repair her the way she needed it to happen. I was in flight mode all the time that is probably why I ended up with an autoimmune disease.
I love the quote above by Ralph Waldo Trine because he is correct our minds can make our fears come true and that even includes our health. I have not come to these conclusions without some help. I have been reading a lot about the mind and body and how they work together in the healing process. Some of the great books I have been reading I share on my blog and one of the books I am currently called “Mind Of Medicine” by Dr. Lissa Rankin really covers this subject in a scientific way. When I am done reading this book I will write a post about it, don’t worry.

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  1. Rock on Miss Jamie! You are doing great! Don’t listen to negative people, you don’t have time for that! Live the life God put you here for and be a blessing!

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