Joy is the human beings noblest act. Thomas Aquinas

Joy is something I am learning to acknowledge and to appreciate in my life. Many things bring me joy, snuggling with my cat Nicholas, reading amazing books, an amazing unexpected conversation with a neighbor, spending time laughing with some great friends or my family, or just having an opportunity to journal before my caregiver comes for the day. Joy is healing. Joy reminds me that there are so many things out there that are wonderful and life is not about stepping in a pile of poop all the time. Joy, like hope is vitally important for the healing journey. I am joyful about the life I have now. I am full of hope that I am on the right path and exactly where I need to be even if I hurt at the moment. I am still joyful that the body part that had been causing me so much grief for years is finally gone. I am joyful that I have learned to listen to my body and I am able to give her what she needs in order to be joyful and hopeful.

Just like it states in Ecclesiastics there is a season. There is a season for joy and there is a season for grieving and all the wonderful emotions we are allowed to experience. The joyous part is that I am able to passionately express them. I don’t hold them in anymore. I am voicing what I need. What I am happy about. What I am angry about. And what I am able to do now.

What brings you joy?

The peace and stability of a nation depends on the proper relationships established in the home. Jade Snow Wong
Relationships I have discovered recently are something I find value in. I have some amazing relationships in my life. Relationships are often times a bit messy, but they are so worth the mess and clean up. The foundation of where my life started from has not always been relational oriented, but as I have grown older my relationships with my birth sister, adoptive family, and friends have grown and deepened. I am able to communicate with them and they are able to communicate with me. I am building a stronger foundation with each individual I have a relationship with. Having this strong foundation has helped me in the most disastrous and unpredictable times of my life, such as my 33 surgeries in the last 4 years and in my healing pursuit. I am encouraged that each one of them are standing beside me and even have great empathy for me and even encourage me to pursuit my healing. I love that. I am so appreciative of that. I know that 4 years ago I didn’t think I had any strong relationships with anyone. But from July 2010 until now I have seen the light so to speak. I have experienced the utter joy, the utter fear, and the utter pain of being on a healing journey with my family. I am not alone. I am no longer an orphaned heart. I am no longer a duckling swimming alone in the pond. I have a huge row of ducks that are swimming with me. Wong is right; my relationships bring peace and stability to my life.

How are relationships a strong foundation for you?

These are just a couple of quotes I have run across in my reading and they brought up some commentary from me. I wanted to share. Enjoy breathing and moving today.

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