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Happy Valentine’s Day!


I am utterly amazed with the huge blessings that miraculously show up on my doorstep literally. Slowly, as I am able to accumulate household items my home is becoming my home, a sanctuary that I can enjoy. This is something new to me as before when I owned my own house it was full of Rick’s stuff. And let me say that at that time of life I could have been on the show Hoarders. I was not the hoarder, Rick was. When he died I purged our home and got rid of a lot of things that were either garbage or not something that I love. Rick died nine years ago and when I sold our house and moved to Vancouver a year and a half later I didn’t take much with me, not enough to fill a U-Haul truck. I have been taking my time filling my home, my environment with things that I love. That is something I have been learning to do and something I have enjoyed doing.


I have lived in my one bedroom apartment for almost four years and slowly I have been getting things that have been helping me feel like I have a home and not some kind of junk yard. Every so often I have found some treasures at the giveaway table that is located in the laundry area of my apartment. I found an amazing rooster that I just love. I found a microwave stand and some beautiful teacups with a stand for them that I absolutely fell in love with. I do not have a big kitchen and not a lot of counter space so I had to put my microwave on a TV tray in order to have a spot for it, so imagine my delight in finding the perfect size microwave stand that has extra shelves for my crock-pot and Nicholas’ cat food and it fits perfectly on the wall and not only that but some elegant teacups for me to enjoy my hot tea and make my kitchen pretty. These things bring my heart joy. My environment is improving as is my health. Progress is being made and that makes me leap for joy.

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