Be Well



Good morning. I hope your day is filled with joy and lots of powerful breathes to keep you flowing through-out your day.

I will be heading to my Otolaryngologist to see how my stoma is doing. The medication, though it makes me fill icky is doing its job. The redness has gone away and it no longer hurts sliding the trach inside. I am happy about that. I have three days left and that includes today’s doses.

Yesterday I did not go to my pulmonary rehab, I felt yucky and I know it isn’t the flu that is going around or cold symptoms. I chose to stay home, though I did jump on my mini-tramp for two minutes. That is all I can do. I am learning that even though I can only do small amounts of time it is still worth doing.

I also got a surprise package in the mail and found some treasures on my giveaway table. One thing found was “The Expendables” the first one. A couple of months ago I watched the second one with my friends Summer and Karen while in Longview. Let me say I enjoyed it immensely. Then I watched Black Swan, I never saw it but I enjoyed it too even though some parts were a little more graphic in the sexual department than I like. The story was still good and the ballet dance was amazing.

While walking around my apartment, yes I walked further yesterday to go get my surprise package from my sister I sat down and talked to a neighbor whom we have shared some amazing conversations. I admire her courage and her willingness to change. You see I have a hard time with change. I am reminded that I am a lot like everyone else in this world. It is a lot of hard work to step outside of the box and learn to enjoy and do something different. My neighbor who is legally blind with Macular Degeneration and who has had it since she was a teenagers is in her 20’s, going through a difficult divorce, and is pursuing her health and a new career path. When she talks about her new life she has a bright face, smile, and cheerfulness in her voice. She is a joy to talk to. Meeting her, taking stalk of the people I have in my life, I realize that now I have an amazing set of people who are just like my neighbor even if they express and do things different from each other. Each one of my team members has brought me a sense of peace, joy, laughter, and contentment into my life. Even when things are going wrong, I value that we can talk to each other about the difficulties, and they don’t just quit on me. Even if I am willing to throw the towel in, and I realize that I have done that a lot even if I don’t quit physically sometimes I do quit emotionally even if my body is still there. It is something that is deeply rooted into my spirit. I even quit on myself. My confession, this is difficult to admit about you, but it must be done if I am going to face the beast of the shadow and change it.  That is what I will be focusing on, as well as the aspects of my health that are difficult, the exercises I must do in order to maintain my health and have a life, and the amazing relationships that I do have. They are all worth fighting for, everyone who is in my life.

Keep breathing and enjoy your day.

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