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Yoga For Emotional Trauma: A Review


I have always been attracted to Yoga. After I am done with my pulmonary rehab I will be on the search for a yoga DVD that I can do at home. I am to exercise 7 days a week and Yoga would be good for me on the days I don’t do swimming or a walk.  I have never done it before. To me it seemed like something only healthy, skinny people could do not curvy, fat chicks with health issues. I could be wrong about that and I am willing to try it to see how it will benefit my body as well as my emotions. I am not that coordinated and so I am hope this will help in that matter that is why I want a DVD and not going to a class so that I can embarrass myself by flopping over like a fish on the ground.

I enjoyed reading this book because the authors talked about the brain and the effects it has on all the different parts of the brain. I think one of my sisters would enjoy this book too just to get the exercises they recommend to help her with her work with children who suffer from traumatic events in their lives.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to improve their emotional health, their physical health, or just to learn how these yoga moves help the brain. I know I gained a lot more information about it since I read it. I plan on purchasing a DVD of Yoga to keep me moving towards my health goals. I cannot imagine myself standing on my head nor do some of the poses I have seen that seem way extreme, but the simple ones I could see myself doing to stretch my body.

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