My favorite book from my pre-teen years, when I to became an orphan and lived with a couple of different families before I found the permanent one that has become my family now. Though my mom was nothing like Marilla or my dad was nothing like Matthew, but still they had the same values and hard work ethics that they did. And they loved me despite my funky appearance, and awkward skills. I needed that stability.

What I love the most about Anne was her spunky spirit of freely saying what she wanted, her pension for reading and using her imagination to sooth her. I did those same things. And that is why the story of Anne Shirley resonates with me and makes me smile whenever I think about it. The Anne Shirley series was the first series I read in it’s entirely. The second was Laura Ingles. Each book I read drew me deeper into discovering that I too can do things, that I have my own beauty. Being an orphan does not mean you are not valuable and you can build a family unit even if they are not blood related. I am still learning those lessons now as a 38 year old woman. This was my first experience in discovering those things.

What brought me to writing this is the fact that I found a copy of the first book of the series of Anne Shirley and a bunch of good memories came flooding back. Though this paperback copy is older than the ones I used to own, I picked it up and am thankful to have it in my collection.  And I know I will reread it often. It is still one of my favorites. What is your favorite book from you childhood that brings back great memories and sets your heart beating in joy?

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