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American Savage: A Review



I never heard of Dan Savage even though he lives in the same state that I live in Washington State. It could be that I don’t run around with the anti-gays or even the gays and that could be the sole reason why.

I have chosen not to partake in the slamming of others rights or views. I am often times offended by some of the views, opinions, and assaults by my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. That is why I have not been involved in any way in these types of things. To me the sole purpose of Jesus death and resurrection was to show us we are all valuable and worth fighting for even if they are gay.

I chose to read Savage’s book just to see what he had to say. The fact that I have a gay caregiver, who makes me laugh, makes me think, and who also makes me mad just like everyone else is one thing. I wanted to see what they are all about. Come to find out they are just as human as the rest of us. I like my caregiver a lot. His sexual orientation isn’t the whole of who he is. He is also a son, a brother, a boyfriend, and a friend. And he is also a bad-ass Scrabble player.

To me I think the anti-gay movement is based on fear. They are afraid of something that is not the same as they are so they restrict, fight, and even sometimes assault those who are different than they are. That is the human condition. That makes me sad. Though Savage is a bit blunt in some passages, he did make me laugh. He also caused me to pause for self-reflection. I admire his courage.

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