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You Are More Than That: A Review



I truly enjoyed reading “You Are More Than That” by Juneja. I have always liked reading books on psychology and working on my unconscious triggers so that I can be a better person as I moved on my path to wellness. I have now realized that I do have triggers that I have let override many of the choices I needed to make with certain people in my life. I can’t fix what my mistakes were in the past, but I can do better now. Being aware of my own triggers is one step closer to being where I want to be.

With this book you will learn some tools to aide an individual even further on their quest to wholeness.  One tool that I took from this book was a Dialectical Behavioral Tool where you observe and describe your surroundings when a person is feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I have not tried it yet, but it is supposed to keep you in the present moment of what is happening now and not going back toward the past trigger. I do know that from my reading there is one split second where you can make a choice between acting out or make a different decision and be mindful of the stressors that are happening. The brain, no the human body is a magnificent creation with all of its intricate parts making up a whole person and their emotions and attitudes.

I am all about relationship and so I took a lot of helpful information from this book to help me form a relationship with myself and with others in my life. I am after all still learning and won’t stop until I am cremated and in the ocean.

I highly recommend reading this book and diving deeper into your own triggers that cause you to act out the way you do. I know some of his journaling exercises I am still working through and will be for my entire life. The help one dive deeper into making conscious choices instead of letting the emotions overrides any healthy and mindful actions. Emotions are important, but they are often times illogical and can be destructive to the person and the people are them.

As I am moving down my path of health and wellbeing I am learning to make better choices. This book will help anyone willing to do the hard soul work that is required. I know you will learn and be even more wonderful than you already are.

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