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Lemons Into Lemoncello: A Review



I truly enjoyed reading Mautner’s book “Lemons into Limoncello”. Not only did it have recipes, but it also had some wisdom in how to move on after disaster strikes no matter what type. She was able to weave her own story of painful loss of her husband untimely death along with her helpful tips for allowing the healing process to enfold in her life. The recipes look and sound amazing, though I have not ventured to try any of them yet. I said yet, because I have a plan to try them as soon as I get all the ingredients. They are simple and do not look too hard to do. I happen to enjoy cutting up vegetables. I too find healing in the cleaning and chopping of vegetables. Something about the action that soothes my senses. I am glad to know that I am not alone in that peaceful feeling when it comes to cooking and chopping up things.

Read this book, it is amazing. You will get some great recipes and great wisdom from a woman who has had her own journey.

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