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My Next Step: A Review



I have never heard of ReMax, what attracted me to “My Next Step” was that it was about a journey through illness and recovery. Something I know a lot about, since my first experience with being ill in 2008. I felt compelled to read and be inspired. I enjoy reading books that not only tell the story, but inspire me to keep fighting and this is one of those books.

Liniger contracted MRSA in 2012 and lost his ability to walk, breathe, and be independent. He stayed in ICU for two months, unlike in my journey I was only in ICU for two weeks before moving into rehabilitation. Where we are similar is the hallucinations, lack of oxygen, surgeries, and the way our families banded together. His four children, wife, and business associates rallied for him as he fought for his life. Relationship with his family, nurses, doctors, and business associates were valuable and important in his recovery.

Here is where I felt a deep kinship with Liniger: “As I lay in bed, I likened my recovery to two of the greatest lessons I learned very early in my life. Lesson one, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve, lesson two, write down any goal that is worth achieving, make it an obsession and convince your brain that you can accomplish it. Be sure that the goal is realistic, and then decide what your step by step plan will be to achieve it. The lessons are really about being persistent, setting realistic goals, and finding the right people to encourage you to attain them.”

Exactly how I have perceived my own journey, making goals and when it doesn’t work out, figuring out another way of getting to where I want to be. It is about choices and he inspires me to keep making my choices to live a well life despite my illness. Read this memoir whether or not you are experiencing an illness or not. He is an inspiration. He is a fighter. He is a go getter. And most importantly he is on his journey of discovering himself and the relationships that are valuable to him. I love that.

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