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Reveal: A Review



I enjoy hero journeys where they are on a contemplative road of finding the love of God inside of them and not from the outside which consist of other people’s views and opinions of God. A relationship with God is a deeply personal and intimate relationship that no one but the one individual can fathom. It looks different for everyone.

In “Reveal”, Watterson talks about getting spiritually naked, meaning being honest and willing to surrender everything to God. “The soul voice will suggest I do that one thing I want least to do, not to annoy me but to get me to face fears, to grow, to change.”

I have been using my “soul voice” the last few years on my own journey through all the terrifying experiences and one thing that I know that is the truth relationship and love are valuable.

I enjoyed reading this saga of one woman’s journey to her interior castle where God dwells inside of her. I felt compelled to read and find “The Gospel Of Mary”, which I heard about 15 years ago and I have always wanted to read it. This only enhanced my desire to do so. I hope to soon own my own copy so that I can dive in and read this gospel.

Take a chance, read this book, start your own healing journey so that you two can have an intimate and loving relationship with God, yourself, and others.  “Every woman has to take the journey alone to meet her soul-voice and find the authentic truth that waits within her.” Meggan Watterson I agree…

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