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Paris To Provence: A Review



A culinary delight, a memoir full of recipes, memories of vacations and relationships each author experienced from their childhood. Their accounts expanded all of my senses of what food is, what it can be and along with appreciating the relationships they encountered on their journey.

While reading I found myself even more than usual dreaming, hoping, planning, and setting goals to travel France and Italy. I want to experience walking on the ancient cobble stone roads, shopping at the extraordinary markets that line the streets, joyfully dancing around in the cheese shops while sampling the many different textures of cheese. My heart will be in heaven when I do get to go on my own adventures.

There are many recipes I want to try, pickles and onions, pizzas, torts, rotisserie chicken, steak, all of them sound so yummy and the pictures look amazing.

If you want to go on an adventure of food, castles, forests, and street vendors you will definitely love this book. I know I did.

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