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Born To Blog: A Review


I picked this book out to see what the authors had to say about blogging. I started blogging in order to keep my family, friends, and interested parties up to date on my health. I couldn’t talk well at the time due to a trach and numerous throat surgeries and calling everyone and talking seemed like a daunting task, so I blogged. I could write. I wrote while in the hospital to get what I needed to say across to everyone. I still write to them even though I have many readers whom I do not even know reading my blog this at first surprised me. I am used to that aspect of blogging now.

I never thought about making money, but this is where the authors are teaching bloggers to do. Make money and get readers to their blog. I think my sister Joy would like to read this book since that is one of her primary goals.

What I like about reading “Born To Blog” was the fact it center around using your own voice. Using my voice has been the center of my own journey for these last 4 years. And I appreciated that they encompassed this aspect of writing. Writing your personal stuff out in order to make it more enjoyable, interesting and what life is about makes writing worth it.

When I started Jamie Chases Butterflies I kept losing my voice or even being understood over the phone with a trach is a challenge, still is, but I have managed to be heard despite that obstacle. So I blog, I share everything the dirty, the rotten, the emotional, the complicated, and the challenges of who I am. I think that is one of the things the authors wanted to convey to bloggers over the world to do use your voice, write it out.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be heard and have their blog make money because they have great marketing ideas…

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