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Staph Be Gone!

I have a staph infection or had one, thank goodness I went to the doctor when I did and didn’t allow it to fester until it was so strong that it wouldn’t respond to treatment. I have two days left on my antibiotic pill and I am to continue to use the ointment for ten more days because granulation’s have formed at the beginning of my stoma and we are hoping this ointment will kick its butt like it did the infection. The ointment is a steroid called Trobax.

All of this means that I will have to be proactive in keeping my hands washed and be sure to use the Q-tips when I am rubbing the ointment and cleaning around the stoma instead of my fingers. I have not been so conscientious about it. And when a few people have pointed that out to me well I got pissed. Something inside of me was triggered and so I over reacted and acted like a complete asshole. Yep, I can be an asshole just like anyone else. That being said my priority will now be to keep my stoma free of germs and infections. I bought some hand sanitizer for when I am in public and can’t go wash my hands. And I am sure I will learn as I go along.

I will be heading to Longview where I will be spending some time with some amazing people including some friends and some of my family. I am looking forward to it.

Remember to breathe and take small moments to feel the love that surrounds you.

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