All Is Well

A wealth of information that I found I needed at this time in my journey to wellness. I particularly liked the section on the throat, since that is where my illness mainly affects me. According to Hay and Schultz the throat deals with communication. Makes sense, right? Since it houses the voice box and all the components that allow your voice to be heard by others, it is an intricately designed part of the body and deserves respect. That is where my illness attacks me, 10 CM from my voice box.



At the time it was severely closing up, 90 percent to be exact, I was in a relationship, in fact, a couple of them where communication was strained and not there at all. I couldn’t tell each person how I felt, that I was angry with them, that I was hurt, and that I felt betrayed by their actions. I was working on salvaging the relationship even to the determent of my health. It nearly killed me. Thankfully those people are no longer a part of my life and I freely voice myself warts and all. So I can totally believe that when your voice is cut off your throat health will be affected. Perhaps, the combination of the medications, treatments, voicing myself, and not being in toxic relationships is launching me to where I am now feeling so much better physically.

This is a great reference book. I am going to keep in my own library so I can use when problems arise. I believe it will help my team and me to achieve even greater physical health for me.

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