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Emotional Vampires

I chose to read this book even though it is on the work environment to see what Bernstein had to say about that energy draining people who I know I have come into contact with in my personal life. I now have noticed a huge difference with them gone and I have more energy.

I did take the assessment test to see what kind of worker I am. I got rebel.  I like to do things independently and I have a tendency to focus on the technical aspects of my job and I believe that to be true about me even in my personal life.



I love the way Bernstein describes the Narcissistic, for this is the one that gets me all the time. They have no conscious, nor do they think of others. I have been bitten more than once by a narcissistic person. Heck, I am even related to one and his wife. The best description that I read is someone who doesn’t take the blame for anything. Everything that goes wrong in their lives is the other persons fault. Everyone is out to get them. Heck, I even know a few of those who are paranoid and am related to them too.

I am taking to heart and to my logical side of my brain about slowing down and not acting out on automatic pilot. Since that is ultimately their goal, that is how they get to you to be the bad guy. Hmm, I wish I knew this 4 years ago and then I would have been apt to handle things differently.

Great book, great descriptions, and if you want to know how to handle the bullies, the energy draining vampires then this is the book to read.

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