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You Gotta Have Girlfriends



This short book illustrates how valuable relationships especially friendships are. Levine shared some statistics on friendships and the scientific evidence it has on one’s health. I have learned on my incredible journey about how important my girlfriends whether they are my sisters or just women I have a close connection have been for my own health. We as humans need these close interactions in order for us to be healthy.

While I read, I thought about the friendship I have or had. The friends that I have made in my life and those who have stuck around no matter how sick I got and I am so thankful for them all. I have an amazing team of friends from my 4 sisters to three amazing women a few of them I have known for 25 years and one that I have known only a short period of time. All of them have helped me on my quest for healing and believe it has not been an easy road for them. I know I have been a pest at times, but I am better now. God knows and I know I have not reached this place on my own. I have had help from my friends whether they are sister/friends or best friends they are all invaluable to me and this book made me realize this. I have been supported, valued, loved, inspired, and respected by all these amazing women throughout my journey… Read this amazing book on friendship and you will be seeing them in a different light.


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