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From My Hands and Heart



Craniosacial therapy is a therapy that I have been interested in pursuing ever since I first started experiencing having an auto-immune disorder. The fact that someone could help find the root cause of health issues and help the patient know and heal the problem fascinates me.

When my sister Carri came for a visit and told me that one of her friends sees Craniosacial therapist and has benefited from the experience caused my heart to desire this therapy even more. Our bodies are amazing. They let us know when something is going on. They jump into action, but sometimes they do not know when to shut off. Craniosacial therapy helps the patient communicate with their own body to help turn off the awesome survival instinct that God created in us so that we can heal.

“From My Hands and Heart” details the process, along with the science there are stories of wonderful people who have benefitted from the therapy. Hearing their stories, hearing the process deeply moved me. My heart and soul wants to find a Craniosacial therapist and see what the root of my auto-immune disorder is and what will keep me on my healing sojourn. The fact that Wayne Dyer endorses the author even leads me to know this is a respected and amazing process that will benefit me.

Read this book, learn what the therapy is. Whether you are a detail scientific person or just like the stories this book is for everyone… Thank you Mackinnon for sharing your adventures and abilities.

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