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Get The Life You Want



“Get the Life You Want” is a book about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I enjoyed reading Brown’s book tremendously. I especially love the acronym he uses BOLD B=Breathe, O=Observe, L=Let it go, and D=Do it again. I also liked doing many of the breathing exercises he suggests to help ground a person into being mindful of what is around them. It is so easy to live in denial about how things are and how you want them to be. Living in fantasy is so easy to do, but it is not a healthy way of being. For me, I have fantasies about how I want to be, robust, healthy, strong, vibrant, skinny, and capable of doing a whole load of activities and never suffer for doing them. That isn’t the truth. That is something I do have difficulties accepting about myself. I do get reminders from my body letting me know that I can’t go on automatic pilot and run and run until I run out of gas. My gas tank seems to run on empty a lot easier than it used to. That is something I do have a hard time accepting about my body. That is what I am processing through and this book aided me on this journey. I found some helpful tools and even a new way of looking at acceptance. I like books that give me a new perspective of how to look at things, especially with living with a Chronic Illness.

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