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The Radical Practice Of Loving Everyone

A truly amazing story about a man learning what love is by watching his dog’s interactions with others. Mollie is a rascal, but she knows how to love and that is her gift.



What I enjoyed about reading Chase’s book is his ability to see the blessing in Mollie and her ability to love everyone where they are at. Love is a complicated emotion us human’s make more difficult with our judgments of others.  Mollie doesn’t have that piece and she wags, greets, and gets into trouble while leaping joyously through life.

I love my cat. He isn’t a dog, but he is capable of showing love to those who need it. Even now while I am suffering with a major relapse in my inflammation battle Nicholas is by my side, purring, looking at me with love, concern in his eyes and wanting to play. When I walk in the door he is excited to see me. Yes he is a stinker, but he has taught me about resting, taking care of my body, and loving others and enjoying life to the fullest. Even with a human that is grumpy and full of vinegar.

Read Chase’s book, go on the journey of love and be enlightened by Mollie…

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