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Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself



The brain is a fascinating piece of equipment that all of us humans have in common. I love reading books about the brain and how to move forward and not be in survival mode and am in what Dr. Dispenza coins as “creative mode”.

Dr. Dispenza show cased some scientific information about how the brain works as an operating system just like a computer does and that we can reprogram our brains to make wiser and healthier choices. I am still processing through all that I read. I know that this book couldn’t have come to me in a greater time. I too am in a discontent with my life and looking for ways to change where I am seeing myself going. I don’t like where I am heading and the only way to change that destination is to change how my brain perceives and looks at doing things. I am the only way who can do that, no one else can.

I worked through a few of the exercises in the forms of questions he asks of us in his book, and I have found that I am not living the best life I can at this moment. I have been in survival mode. I want to be in creative mode. I want things to be different than they are now and the only way I can accomplish this is by changing how my brain takes information in and uses the information. I can visualize what it is I want, to the extent that I can taste, feel, smell, and know that it is something I can achieve. I am tired of living in the past and now living in the unknown future is what I am seeking.

This book has great information about the brain, meditation, how the brain works, and even a small bit about quantum physics. In honesty, I am not too keen to learn more about. I love the brain, but the physics part makes my brain hurt.

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