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Directing Your Destiny



A book full of tools to help one manifest their dreams. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page.

A few of the tools I walked away were: What, How, When tool.

The what, how, when tool is a concept where you write out your intention, then you explain one step that needs to get done, then when you plan to get it done, simple right? You would be correct it was simple to do. I was amazed at how fast I got a few of my action steps done. I am notoriously known for writing out goals but then not getting into the action part of the goal. Every time I thought about all the steps that I needed to get done I just wanted to crawl under the bed. I didn’t crawl under the bed, I read a book instead that gave me inspiration and an idea to try. You know what, it worked for me and I was surprised how fast I got results.

I have been procrastinating making numerous phone calls for over a week now. A couple to a few of the doctors I have to see, the pharmacy,  the medical supply company, and even setting up getting into counseling again. I have been beating myself up because I didn’t accomplish anything, but I also didn’t want to accomplish it. It is a messed up thought process that I have sometimes, but because I want to be fully healthy, financially secure, and be the fighting butterfly that I am I gave this new tool I learned a try. Here is an example that I wrote out this Sunday night…

What: I am excited that I am vital and healthy in my body…

How: Call Community Services North West and set up an assessment to meet with a different therapist.

When: I will have an appointment by May 23rd

Tuesday rolled around and I made the call and I have my assessment set up for May 7th. I wrote out my intentions, my actions several times and I completed several of them in one day.

Another tool that I enjoyed and I am finding helping is in my journal writing. I have been writing in my journal for over a year now. Ever since I read Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and saw the value in writing. It not only helps me to figure out what I want to write about for Jamie Chases Butterflies, but it also keeps my mind clear of the mind monsters. This year alone, I have filled up two journals so far and I just started working on the third. The most amazing thing happens as I am getting close to coming to the end of a journal and in need of getting a new one. I suddenly get one as a gift, ones with butterflies or my favorite Icon Audrey Hepburn. Doesn’t that tell me that I am supposed to be writing? It does. Anyway with Grace’s book she gives some journal prompts that truly help one to make their journal writing deeper and more action oriented towards their goals. I love that. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and stuck it in my journal for those moments when I do not know what I want to write. The two prompts that I love are: What would be good next steps for my career? What steps should I take to improve my health?

As you can see I deeply enjoyed and gained a lot of helpful information from reading this book. I would love to take her life class, but she lives in Florida and I am here in Washington and also I do not have the financial means at this moment to do such a thing. Hey, a thought just occurred to me, perhaps I should put that as one of my intentions and see where that leads me. I recommend reading this book. It is fun to read, easy to read, and the two actions that I tried truly do work. I got a sense that this woman knew what she was talking about and she uses her own advice. In some goal setting books I always get the impression that the person writing it doesn’t actually use the tools they are hocking, but Grace does and you can tell just by how her love, joy, and passion spills out in her words. I love writers who write like that. Well done Jennifer Grace.

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