Wonderful ideas about how to cook many different types of vegetables Italian style and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the recipes. The recipes wetted my appetite and my passion to cook more with them.

One of the things that kind of threw me for a loop was considering beans, the dried kind you get at the store as a vegetable. I never considered it a vegetable. But it is, it grows in the ground like vegetables do and I happen to love eating beans. Though the Lima Bean is not my favorite, I do enjoy black beans, pinto, garbanzo, red beans, and cannilli beans. The other one was that considering lentils as a vegetable too. I just never would have thought of these two foods as vegetables. I am educated now.

I am looking forward to trying out our recipes for stuffed zucchini and a few of Vitale’s lentils recipes. I enjoy lentils. They are a staple of mine. Because they are cheap and they are easy to cook, but I get bored with the soup I often make with them, but here she has a salad and other great uses for them. I like that.

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