I am having a flare happening in my left ankle and my right middle finger. It hurts. I have not had a flare up since my last chemo treatment. I am thinking my body is letting me know it is time for another dose of Rituximab which doesn’t happen until May 13th. My middle finger looks like a puffed pastry all red and puffy. My ankle is red and swollen as well. I upped my prednisone to 40 MG’s which is the normal protocol during a flare up. Ugh!


When I start feeling normal, healthy again I am reminded that I am not. Yes, I force myself to do the things I must to live a life, but it is a challenge. I have to do it at my own pace and not as eloquently as June Cleaver or any other lady who keeps house. I am still excited about being able to do my own dishes again, having the energy to get them done and the fact that I walked the entire Grocery Outlet store made my day.

I am happy to report that my Staph infection in my stoma is healed and gone. I can now put my trach in without difficulty and I am being more proactive in washing my hands and how I manage my trach. It is a pain in the butt, but having a stoma hurt is worse.

That is all that is going on in my life. This weekend I plan on watching the new Underworld movie and the new Men In Black 3. I am excited. And when my caregiver comes back on Tuesday we will be going grocery shopping and rearranging my apartment again. It is time for a deep clean. I have been finding some amazing things at the giveaway table. I found some mixing bowls, an apple corer, hand mixer with the attachments, and a lovely necklace.

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