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Health Activist Writers Challenge Day 21



Day 21

  • “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Mulan
  • True or false? When do you bloom best?


Today’s post was offered by a fellow HAWMC participant and Health Activist. Let’s focus on how adversity affects you, your health, and your Health Activism.


Upon reflection I think Mulan’s comment “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all” is true. Think about it, if a flower can grow and bloom in a dry, desert place or even with people around who keep picking at her and she still manages to bloom the beauty in that vision is magnificent to me. Before I started experiencing my sickness the way I saw my surroundings was desolate, weak, and hell on earth. Even with my illness, even with the bad days I am seeing myself in a whole new light. I am worth the fight. I am worth the love and support that I am given. I am capable of standing on my two feet and facing the most painful experiences and still not bite someone’s head off. I can also manage to keep breathing even when at times I don’t want to. The beauty in life is seeing the value that is around me even when the darkness of night surrounds me.

I am blooming. That is something I have never truly gave any thought to. Yes, I have had some setbacks, but something that I know for sure is that even though the setbacks are happening and sometimes they keep happening I am capable of standing up and facing them anyway. I can also take the breaks I need. I can say no. I can also make a decision and take a step in a different direction. God created me with a brain that can change and that is the most beautiful thing ever. So yes, we are all flowers blooming even with our many illnesses, we can make that choice. We can keep on growing and facing the monsters. I am not alone in my beauty I see the value in everyone in my life and even those whom I do not know. We all have a voice, we all have the ability to change our circumstances and we all can bloom right where we are at even if the place is a complete mess.

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