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Improvements That Matter



Finally my inflammation in my ankle and in my middle finger on my right hand is down and I am feeling much better. I have been resting, somehow when I go into inflammation mode I get tired easily and I have been sleeping a lot. To celebrate this freedom I moved my dining room table into a different position and waxed my oak table. It looks so lovely and inviting.  Then of course I changed the sheets on my bed. All things that I have my caregiver for, but since I am feeling a bit better I am using my independence and it does feel great. I do not want to lose this aspect of myself.  I found a lovely giant vase and I wanted it for my grandmother Grace’s sewing cabinet, which someday I hope to refurnish and fix the hinges. It all looks lovely. I feel accomplished. Slowly my home is becoming my sanctuary.


I now have proof that therapeutic grade essential oils work for my inflammation. I am using it for my throat, well I can’t see inside of my throat and I am also taking four other medications that are supposed to be helping with the closing up of my throat, so I wasn’t never 100 percent positive until now. The last few days since I have been taking hot baths with therapeutic grade essential basil oil and peppermint oil in the water, only a couple of drops and it has worked for the inflammation. That makes me happy. For that means I have a way of combating the inflammation when it happens. While taking the bath I could feel the oils seeping into my skin. It was tingling and it wasn’t even a bad feeling. The experience was pleasant.

What things do you do while you are suffering inflammation or even any kind of sickness?

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