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Apples And Oranges

I am posting late today, simply because I had to take a strong dose of Prednisone and I didn’t feel up to walking to the rec room early this morning before my caregiver came at 9:30. I feel a bit better now after having an incredible glass of freshly made orange juice. Yes, I even got pulp in the juice…


This morning with my caregiver we juiced my oranges and apples that I bought in big bags at the Grocery outlet. Now I have fresh juice in the freezer to have on occasion. I have never had fresh juice with the pulp in it before and it is good. I mixed the apple and oranges in one batch and then made plan orange juice for the other. Yummy, that is all I can say. Such a difference in the color and texture of the juice and I can feel the healing the qualities instantly as I drank it down. I don’t feel like I am on sugar overload as when I drink the store bought orange juice. I saved the pulp from the apples and oranges for some muffin baking and I hope to be able to accomplish that someday in the meantime it is in my freezer. I juiced the entire orange rind and all and I was surprised at how wonderful it tasted.


I am so thankful that I have a juicer machine. I have not used it that often. But buying an 8 LB bag of oranges for a single lady and a 3 pound bag of apples I cannot think of a better way to use them up before they rot. I enjoy drinking up the micronutrients and it is easy to consume.


Have any of you had fresh orange or apple juice from the juicer? Let me tell you it is an experience worth having.


While juicing I realized that this what I am supposed to be doing to get my body ready for the next round of chemo (Rituximab) that is coming up in May, a few short weeks away. The micronutrients in the oranges and apples will help fuel my body for healing along with the drugs. My focus will be this, because while getting the drug pumped into my system I always feel so crappy during the process and a few days after it is in my system. It takes a few weeks for my body to absorb and get it to the places it needs for healing. I know that the body is an incredible healing machine and I want to do everything I can to make the process easier for my body. And juicing instantly nourishes the cells and gets them pumped for the healing process. How amazing is that?

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