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Starting Again!



I am writing this post while I am sitting in the TV room of my apartment.  My neighbor is sitting with me and I am once again encouraged. Last night I dreamt about Rick again. I hate when I do that it means I am taking memories out of the filing cabinet of my brain and focusing on that instead of what I need to.  I know why I dreamed this. I gained some weight. I have been a major rut lately and I hate being there, so I need ways to get out. I just made a plan to start walking outside with my friend and neighbor starting on Thursday. I still cannot walk far, but if we just walk around the enormous parking lot then I can get my endurance up and I will start feeling a bit better than I do know. The bonus will be having a partner to walk with and someone to be accountable to and to take fabulous pictures while on our adventure.

Today, Tuesday I will be seeing my ENT Dr. Berinstein for my check-up. I hope no more shots in the throat. Yes, it helped, but still it is painful and I don’t like pain.

On a good note, I started writing my book. I wrote the first essay for my motivational day book “Finding Joy With Illness”. My friend Chelsey who is a writer and fellow blogger is writing her book and we are encouraging each other to do the writing. I decided that one essay a day will be a good start for me to start. I will be turning 39 and I think 39 is a good year to write my first book and have it done by the time I am 40.

Enjoy your day. Take a moment to breathe.

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