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Day 23: Technology

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  • “I wish this gizmo could track my condition!”


It seems like every day there is a new device, website, application, or program that is implemented to help you track and hopefully improve your health. Easier said than done when it comes down to the reality of utilizing those new fandangle tools. Technology and social media are supposed to make life easier. How has technology helped you in your own life? What does ease of use mean to you? How do you envision technology fitting in to your life to help track your health? How would your life change if there were less or no, social media involved?


I am not that big of a technology, gadget kind of lady. I just have a basic cell phone, just to make calls and send texts. I have my laptop where I can do my social media of Facebook, my blog, and keep in touch with my friends and family. I also do use the Google search engine. I have used the calorie counter website, but signing in recording all your food became such a huge chore. I have to walk down to the TV room in my apartment building just to get on the internet so you can imagine how much of a chore that would be. I do wish I had a fancy phone that I can get the calorie counter on, I would use it. Right now, I journal, just regular notebook paper and pen and that works for me right now.

My life would be different if I wasn’t able to write my blog. I have a purpose in writing. I want to show others that just because you have a trach, sound like a moose, and have inflammation that can be debilitating doesn’t mean you can’t go after your goals and your life. It just will be different. Without the internet and yes I am going to share my age with you. When I was in high school the internet wasn’t even around, it was until two years after I graduated high school the internet became popular. Yes, we had computers, thank you God for that, but we had to do research the old fashion way use the library and the system of cards in order to find periodicals and books for the subject we had to write a paper on. Now, we can research everything, even if some of the information especially about our disease is scary.

I love having technology, my laptop especially and the internet. I do have the need to unplug and I am thankful that I do have to walk down to the TV room area in order to use the internet so I am not on it all the time. Because sometimes being unplugged is good for the soul…

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