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Day 27: Writing

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  • If you wrote a book about your life, your community, your condition, or your Health Activism – what would you title it?
  • What about your biography?


I have had this vision of writing a book for a long time. Why am I not writing? Fear, thinking to myself what in the heck will I write a book about? Then thinking my sister Joy is a writer, and her version of writing and mine are two different things. She loves the words, she loves the organization of writing, she loves the title writer, she loves the editing process of writing and I don’t. I take that back I do love words and I love reading and I do write. I have been writing in my journal since I was a young girl, but writer behooves me. Instead of titles I am going to share my ideas of what I thought about writing.

One concept I wanted to write about is a 365 day essays on living with a chronic illness and still finding the joy and still living. Then I think well I haven’t conquered those aspects, but I am sure trying to. The title would be “Finding Joy Living with Illness”.  Then I thought about writing my own memoir on my journey of being ill, I would call it “Jamie Chases Butterflies” the same name as my blog. I can take excerpts from my own blog and put them into a book, but then I think who would want to read that.

Perhaps it is time to face my fear and just start writing and see where it will lead me. Maybe that can be my first essay for “Finding Joy Living with Illness.”




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