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Day 29: Inspiration


I have not been a part of the WEGO challenge this month. I got a late start. Things that I truly like about myself… What a question, I will do my best to answer this question.

1)  I am stubborn. Usually people don’t see this as a good quality, but to me it is an excellent quality to have. Being stubborn has been in handy, especially when dealing with doctors, nurses, and even occasionally people in the public. When faced with an illness one must be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to staying well. It is not an easy job to do. I have to confess that I do fall short and I don’t want to move my body or eat the way I am supposed to or even seek the help I need, but my stubbornness stands by and guides me to doing these things anyway. I may stop for a while but with stubbornness I always get back on the horse.

2)  Planning. I am excellent at planning. I have been trained to make sure I have a list of medications with me at all times, not just when I am going to the doctor, but all times because you never know when the question will be asked what medications are you taking?  I had to be creative, because I couldn’t find a organized way to keep my business cards from doctors and other places so I got a pretty notebook and glued them in the book. I have some huge business cards. With this notebook I can keep my list of medications and also my medical condition and even my in case of emergency contacts in it. Planning is my friend. It helps a lot.

3)  Dedicated: I am dedicated to my health. Though at times I falter in doing everything possible for my health and well-being. I have my moments when things fail and I must come up with a new plan and that waylays me for a bit. When I am dedicated, these mean standing back up and keep on fighting with a different purpose.


I have a few inspirational people in my life. I will name 3 of them.

1)  Lisa: My neighbor. She is an amazing young woman. I love her spirit. Hearing her talk about moving forward with her blindness and upcoming divorce I am inspired to keep trying new things even if I fail just get back up on that horse and work a different idea out. Never stop. I have known her for a few months… You are an amazing young woman and I am glad we are becoming great friends. Happy birthday!

2)  Summer: I have known Summer for a long, long time. Twenty five years to be exact. We may not always agree, but I do know that if I need her she will do her best to be here and even if she can’t I know I will have a pray. Summer works hard for Exclaim Media and she creates wonderful websites, such as JamieChasesButterflies. She is smart, loyal, and a hard worker. I love you Summer and thank you for all your help through the years.


3)  My sisters, all of them: Carri, Joy, Vickie, and Kris. All four of these ladies have been through so much with me. Especially Kris, in fact, she tried to comfort me while I was in the ER getting my trach put back in. These ladies I know when I need them, they will do their best to be there for me. Each one of them works hard to try and do their best for their families and that means a lot for me. Learning, striving, and working together as a family is valuable and important to us all even for our brother Rob who is Kris’ husband. I love them all.

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