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Mindful Living



A few months ago I read Jim Nicolai’s book “Integrative Wellness” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In his book he talked about his spa he worked for and this is that spa.

“Mindful Living” takes each month of the year and focus’ on one aspect of health. For example, January’s focus is on exercise. Each month has a recipe, a talk about the focus of the month by an expert who works at the spa. I found all 12 months inspiring and helpful. The recipes look amazing, though I have not tried them. I did write down the recipe for the Quinoa salad, which looks so appetizing.

The photography is amazing. The spa is located in Tuscan Arizona. I suggest this book if you want to focus on your health for a year and need some encouragement and helpful advice from experts who know what they are talking about. The recipes they offer look amazing I have not tried to make any of them, but the Quinoa one that is features I will be trying.  The spa treatments and other mental health treatments I wish I could but money is a problem for me. Since I read about Cranial sacral therapy I have been wanting to try it out for my own illness just to see what it can do for me in my own healing journey. I love that they provided a website cranialsacralthereapy.com so that you can find a practitioner in your area. How cool is that?

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