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When Diets Work: A Review


I am all about learning nutrition and being healthy, though I do have to admit I don’t always follow through on what I read. For one thing, there is so much contradicting information out there, don’t eat this, eat that, and each one has different suggestions. It causes my mind to scramble like eggs. This book is no different. I heard you shouldn’t eat fermented foods, but Dr. Castro says to eat them and gives reasons why, both sides are compelling. Who do I trust? Who do I follow?

I struggle with my weight. I am fighting an auto-immune disease that my medications allow me to gain up to 60 pounds in one day and then lose that amount in a day. So I am constantly fighting the urge to throw in the towel and say this is a hopeless situation. I am tired of being told I need to lose weight, but not having the options to do so with my current health conditions and the up and down of my weight because of the medications and my disease. I get so mad that I want to slap the doctors and tell them when you have an answer to how I can do this then you can talk to me until then shut up. Instead I sit and endure the ridicule.

I do appreciate Dr. Castro’s adamant encouragement not to give up my fight to lose my access weight and that it can be done. I also appreciate that he shared his wife’s experience with her own weight. That gives me reason to hope that I do can conquer my weight issues so that I can move and be healthier than I am now. I don’t suspect he would ridicule and would actually give some helpful tips for his patients who are actually suffering a health condition instead of just saying “lose weight”.


If you want to read in depth information about nutrition then this book is for you. If you want another fad diet then this is not for you.

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