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Paleo Cooking


I have been reading a lot about the Paleo eating plan, I refuse to call it a diet, and because well to me diet signals to me that I get to go off of it after a certain amount of time.

I am going to try eating Paleo for 30 days to see how I feel and compare that to the Anti-inflammatory eating plan I followed before.  When I did n or the Andrew Weil do the Weil eating plan it worked for me even when I ate legumes. I don’t eat a lot of bread or grains because well I am not a big fan of rice for one thing and with bread I always felt like I gained weight when I ate it, so I know that I have to reduce my intake of wheat products, even when it is whole wheat.

That being said I was happy to find on Net Galley a Paleo Cookbook so I can actually see what they eat and give me an idea of what it would look like for me. I truly love the part of Amsterdam’s book where she talks about her pantry and what stables she has. I never heard of Almond flour or coconut butter or flour or coconut sugar. I will be in search of these ingredients, because well I do like coconut oil. And the fact she had several recipes that looked and sounded good that used these ingredients has me even more intrigued to try them out. I have made a decision to stick to the Dr. Weil eating plan, since I do know this will work for me, but from what I am reading in the Paleo cookbook it is similar to Weils plan only difference is no grains or beans. Well I like beans and they don’t cause my auto-immune disease to go out of whack. That being said, I do see the value in the recipes and I am happy to have them. Because they look more manageable for someone who is not in a fancy spa atmosphere and that makes me this lady happy. Thank you Elana for writing a wonderful cookbook and giving new ideas for my own recipes they will help me on my healing journey.

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