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Discover Your Optimal Health



I was a bit skeptical when I chose to read this book. I did so because well I am the type of person to not let others opinions affect how I view someone. This is that case. I am glad I read Anderson’s “Discover Your Optimal Health” because he not only addressed the emotional aspects of being overweight and in my opinion a lot of the “diet” books out there don’t address he also gives doable tips to help one manage and get the healthy life they are wanting.

I am not going to jump into “Take Shape For Life” because drinking milkshakes and eating cookies doesn’t seem like a healthy approach to weight loss. But I can do the first option he suggested in his book eating sensible meals throughout the day for a slow weight loss which is actually a lot healthier than a fast weight loss. That being said, I have always had the tools for the eating healthier part.  My problem is the emotional aspect and the movement part. Anderson address’ this issue for me with thought provoking questions that I answered in my journal and contemplated. Choosing to be healthy is not for anyone else but for me. No one can do the work; no one has to fuel my body but me. He suggests making a plan of action, I like that. I am a planning type of lady. I have to have a plan just to function. I don’t like living by the seat of my pants. Although, a little spontaneity is alright, but when it comes to my team of doctors and health I like a plan, so I can visual and see what it is I want to accomplish.  Heck I even now have a Physician’s Order to Resituate.  Another tool I learned was the “Stop Challenge Choose” method he talks about in his book. Next time I have one of those monsters running rapid in my head I will have this under my belt to guide me towards my health goals. Practicing mindful eating and stopping me in order to choose wisely is something I know I can work on and accomplish.

I recommend Dr. Andersen’s book, though I have not read his previous ones he talks about in this one, this one is worth the time, effort, and commitment in order to reach your health goals. I know it is helping mine.

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