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Brain Fog



“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to re-create life out of life!” James Joyce

Re-creating life out of life, what a thought! Is it possible? Do I have the strength, endurance, and enough dirt to create a new life out of the shambles that I have now? I believe I do.

I have been feeling crummy the last few days, ever since I got out of the hospital. My pattern is this when I get out of the hospital I feel extremely tired where just getting up to go to the bathroom feels like a big thing, but I do it anyway. This time I can contribute this to the massive dosages of antibiotics that I have been taking. I am not just taking any run of the mill antibiotics I am taking the strong stuff, the stuff that kills anthrax, the stuff that can knock the hair off a horse, so no wonder I feel like I have been melted.

Today was my last day on the Avelox and I hope to feel back to normal and start writing again. I miss writing, especially on my book. I do not know how to describe the medication and how it makes me feel. All I know it is like having a fog in my brain and words don’t want to come out.

Enjoy your day… In the meantime, I will be resting up and then I will back and at it tomorrow with my writing.

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