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97 Percent

“Every year 97 percent of your body is completely replaced, even the structure of your DNA in your genes, reconstructed entirely from the nutrients we eat. The quality of those nutrients determines the quality of your renewed cellular structure, the level of which it can function and its resistance to disease.”

Dr. Michael Colgan


I found this information in a book that I am reading. I am always reading about nutrition and diet plans. It is a fascinating subject to me. The only problem I have is sticking to one. I love to eat. I love good food.

The only true success that I have experienced is when I did the anti-inflammatory diet. I think I need to change that to an anti-inflammatory eating life change. Diet signals to my brain that I can eventually get off of the diet. But the truth is, life style change is a lifelong commitment. I have not been eating the anti-inflammatory diet for quite some time. I am suffering the consequences of not eating this way.

The anti-inflammatory diet consists of these elements:

Meat and dairy one to two times a week

Eating mostly plant based a lot of the time.

That also includes eating fish, but I am not a big fan of fish. But I do like tuna and halibut and cod, but those are expensive.

Yesterday when I went shopping at the Grocery Outlet I bought a tomato plant. Going back to what I know works is what I have decided to do. If it takes one year to grow new cells in your body then I want my cells to be nutritiously enhanced.

I bought Quinoa a while back, but I have not done anything with it. I saw some great salad recipes for the use of it. This grain packs some powerful nutrients including the same amount of protein as a big juicy steak. I have been afraid to try this because I heard from a couple of people that they didn’t like it. But who knows I just might like eating this grain, especially with the correct recipe. Fear has stopped me in a lot of ways accomplishing what I want to so I need to face this big mind monster about eating nutritiously for my body and my disease. When I ate the anti-inflammatory diet I felt better. I was losing weight despite not moving and now when I am not on this eating plan I have gained weight and I hate this.

Nutrition is important for one’s body, especially when they are combating a disease. And what I have been reading many of the disease can be beaten such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many others with just by making the choice of changing the way you eat. I have discovered about myself is that I am a creature of habit. When I feel yucky, such as when my body is under attack I go for what is easy or convenient and not what is good for me. Chips, cheese, crackers, and TV dinners are my easy to grab choices. I have been thinking about this a lot. I would love for the vegetables and the fruit to be easy to grab and I go there first when those days hit me and I don’t want to cook anything. A plan of action must be mapped out for days like these. If you have any ideas and suggestions I would so appreciate your input.

These are the things that are on my mind as I am facing my 39th year on the 21st. Right now I feel good. I know that on the 13th when I go in for my infusion with the Rituximab I will be feeling badly for a week. Here is what I have planned out for that week so that I can eat nutritiously for my body while I am feeling badly. First I will be buying a lot of vegetables and already cutting it up and making the access easy for me to just grab and eat. I want to buy some humus, because I love humus for me to deep my vegetables in. I will also make a big pot of beans in my crockpot and put it in the freezer for that week. I now have a microwave so I can heat it up easier than on the stove. And I will be buying some watermelon and pineapple since that is what I am craving. Thankfully I will be having my caregiver for four days and he will be able to do some of the things that I know I will not be feeling like doing. That is my plan of action for that week.

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