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Finding Joy



Yesterday morning I woke up with a new problem brewing. Just below my stoma there lurked an infection. It looked like a bruise, so when Myron came he suggested we go to the urgent care center on Main Street here in Vancouver Washington. I couldn’t get a hold of my ENT, because their office wasn’t opened yet. One of the things I have learned on my journey of living well was to always get to medical help when things just pop out of nowhere. I am glad I did. I have a cellulites infection due to the steroid injection I had in my stoma a couple of weeks ago. I have to take an antibiotic, a strong one, stronger than the one I got for my staph infection. After we left urgent care we went to my ENT. He graciously let me come in.


The best part of my day involved trees, water, geese, ducks, sparrows, baby salmon, and people fishing. I went to Salmon Creek Greenway Trail. Gorgeous is an understatement. I especially loved watching the baby geese being sheltered by their mom and dad. The parents would swim and the baby would swim between them. They lovingly watched over him.


I have not gone out on an adventure in a long time. What I did was I made a list of parks to visit here in Vancouver that I want to explore. I need, no I desire to get out in the sun and rebuild my endurance. I walked a lot. Actually it wasn’t that far, but it felt like 20 miles to me. My endurance is not up there yet, but I know it will get there.


I hope you enjoy the scenery, because I sure did. The cool breeze, the peaceful feeling I got while sitting watching the salmon swim in the water serenely gave me time to meditate and enjoy my life. I am joyfully happy. I experienced joy even in the middle of a debacle. So in spite of having an infection just below my stoma I chose to find the joy and the calm in my life.

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