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Angel Wings And Other News



Good morning everyone! I am still in Longview enjoying my time in my hometown. As I am typing this my friends are sleeping. This morning I will have the pleasure of visiting Angel Wings Ministry whom is run by my amazing friend and co-committee member Debra Lawson-Bean. Tomorrow I will write a post about the incredible animal shelter Angel Wings and all the furry bundles of joy that are up for adoption or will be soon. Debra needs some donations to help her run her no kill shelter. One of the items she is requesting is some incredibly strong security screen doors for the building for the animals. Here is her website and all the info if you would be so kind and would love to donate to Angel Wings: http://angelwingsministry.com/

I will be going home to my furry bundle of love. I have missed him a ton I wish he could come with me, but unfortunately he can’t. I am looking forward to snuggling with my baby and watching movies with him tonight. My Nicholas was a feral rescue and I love him so much. He’s been a great blessing to me on my own healing journey.

Yesterday, even though I am in a place and around the people I love was difficult for me. I received some news about my aunt. This aunt is my birth mom’s older sister and I have a lot of love and respect for her. Here is why: my birth mom due to her mental issues was not that great at mothering. I think she would have been because she had moments when she showed me love and I try to focus on those moments. Aunt Marie has supported me and respected me my entire life, even as a little girl. She told me that she is fighting stage 3 cancer and they don’t know where exactly the cancer is but it has matized to her stomach. This makes me so sad, because this woman even though she is 74 years old just retired last month. She has been there and supported her family in every way. I know I want to show her my support as she faces her own battle. I know she is a stubborn, strong, and amazing woman because those are my qualities. While reading what she wrote me I realized that we both have the same bluntness and that same stubbornness and this is why I know she is going to handle her disease with a lot of grace. I just hope she will allow us to love and support her through this time.

If you feel an inclination would you say a prayer for her.

I hope you have an enjoyable and amazing weekend. Remember to send up a prayer of thanks for those in the military or who were in the military. I salute you and thank you. Until next time….

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